Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

On some days, I really miss Sweden. I probably wrote the exact same thing last year around this time, but we just had an 85-degree day (Fahrenheit... hold on... converting: 29 degrees).

It is freaking April, and just three nights ago I had to drive with a coat on and the heat on in my car! I don't understand. Where is spring??? What happened to all the wonderful days of mild weather when I can walk in sandals and a T-shirt before the real yucky, humid summer heat begins to overwhelm us and I have to wear as little as possible???

It was so bad that on Saturday I drove straight to the oil-change place and got my air conditioning charged up in my car so that I could last for another hour. It now blows air at 40 degrees (4 Celsius), perhaps lower if I go on the highway. Cannot wait to try it out Tuesday on my way to work doing 68 mph on Route 8!

Just wondering what I'm gonna do to get through the night, since we haven't installed the a/c units for the season yet... (and no, opening windows does not help - it just gets worse!).


Anne Sofie said...

Well, there is a solution... you're are most welcome back to Sweden! Nice spring weather, nights and mornings are cool, 5 C this morning, up to 20 in the afternoon.

ab said...

I just spent half an hour basking in the sun at my mother's balcony..

Funny/scary: I first read your headline in Swedish - "Threat, threat, threat!" I was quite worried there for a little while. ;)

Vickan said...

Haha, no... no threat. The only threat is from heat exhaustion! Thank goodness things have cooled down a bit!

ASN>> I'm still working on the Sweden plans... ;-)