Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding details - for those who care...

My wedding shoes - $30 at Kohl's.
(Can't post pictures of my $150 bridesmaid's dress,
since Albie might see it. If you are really curious,
post a comment or e-mail me and I will send you a pic).

Our sample wedding cake that my friend Kristen is making:
Banana cake with vanilla pudding and whipped topping.
(Of course, it's going to have the little people on top!)
We will get married in front of the fireplace in my
former host father's house in Vermont. Albie's aunt,
a minister, will perform the ceremony. (We are
trying to convince her to stand on the fireplace).
People will sit here and watch the ceremony, in
a church-like room with cathedral ceilings
and a beautiful chandelier (not pictured). If it's sunny,
we'll have some gorgeous natural light from
the huge windows covering the back wall.

And we'll have dinner in this dining room, then
we'll go have a drink in the bar and enjoy ourselves
before we pass out from exhaustion!


Maria said...

jag vill se klänningen! jättenyfiken ju. maila nu!

Sandra said...

Jag vill se så klart!!!Nu är jag super nyfiken på allt! Vilka kommer? Berätta, berätta!!!

Vickan said...

Foton kommer till den som fragar...