Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Harry Potter's world/updated

I've spent two months in Harry Potter's world, and I have to admit, the books are even better when they can be read straight through from beginning to end - without having to wait two years for the continuation. Everything makes sense right away; things from the seventh book tie back to the first, and everything just falls into place.

It really is a marvelous story, and I've enjoyed every minute of my two-month journey. It's what kept me sane on late nights at the office when all I could think of was getting out of there so I could wrap myself up with a heavy blanket and start to read.

Of course, not everyone loves Harry Potter (although everyone should - there's no reason not to!). During a morning break from unloading a truckload of Polish pottery, I happened to mention to the new shipping agent that I was re-reading the seven books.

"I only read four," admitted the middle-aged mother of two. "Frankly, the plot seemed to be the same in each book, so I couldn't take it anymore."

What??? I almost choked on my hot chocolate. This was clearly a woman I shouldn't be having any further conversations with. Despite thinking at first we would have something in common since she mentioned her home decorating skills and her love of shopping at Home Depot, I realized our brief almost-friendship was already over.

To stop myself from jumping over a large, round kitchen table to attempt to strangle her, I emptied my mug and announced I was going back to work.

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ab said...

And I haven't read even one..