Monday, November 24, 2008

New blinds in my room

"Let's paint something today when you get back from the gym!" Albie said enthusiastically.
There are still plenty of things that need to get painted. But I didn't feel like painting any of them.

"Why don't we get the ladder in and try to get into that troublesome corner in the hallway?" I suggested.
Of course, the ladder was too big, too tall and too heavy. So while I touched up some of the hallway paint around doorframes and corners, Albie decided to install the new blinds in our guest room/my office.

We are going with IKEA blinds throughout the house - one room at a time. Although the blue room was the first one we painted (it used to be BRIGHT green), it is the second to last to get new blinds.

We're leaving them pulled up a bit so the kitties can look outside...

And this is what it looked like when we moved in:


ab said...

Huh, terrible green! But that blue colour is very beautiful. Can I live there when I come over? :)

Just kidding!

Vickan said...

Yes, it was because of that green that this room became our first project. We painted it less than a month after moving in!