Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election night begins

And so I sit here in the newsroom, waiting for results to start dropping in from our local and national races.

I am trying to get most of my other pages out of the way so that, come 8 p.m., I can focus solely on election coverage.

In Torrington, we've already had once incident of racistic comments - one boy was heard screaming that he would assassinate Barack Obama if Obama won the election. That is, in fact, something people are starting to fear.

"If those kind of comments are said here in Torrington, what is the climate like in, say, Alabama?" my publisher said.

So right now, in addition to hoping Obama won't lose the election, I am hoping he won't get assassinated in his first month in office. I am also hoping McCain will stay alive long enough to see Obama take office - I guess.


ab said...

This is what we in Sweden call a valvaka - I'm following on CNN, TV and online, the results beginning to come in from Kentucky, Indiana and Virginia. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Justin said...

I second that...whenever CNN cuts to the McCain campaign in Arizona it's just freakin' depressing. Let's get this overwith already! OBAMA '08!

ab said...

There is a civilized America again.
And you may quote me on that. :)

Vickan said...