Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy times!

I am celebrating both that election day is over, and that the Democrats finally took back the White House.

How will I celebrate? By getting a good night's sleep!

(I just finished my final column for Nerikes Allehanda - look for it in Thursday's paper)


Anne Sofie said...

I read this morning's column, and my immidiate reaction was: thank goodness Albie did vote. I wouldn't have liked the idea of him being an idle citizen.

It is wonderful America will have a Democrat in the White House again, but I'm even happier to know it is a black president as this shows there is democracy. I believe the higher rate of election participiation is important for the outcome (as is the effect of Bush Jr, economy and Mrs. Palin - in what order I'm not sure).

Mr Obama seems to be clever, well educated and also very European in his behaviour - and this, I think, is why we Europeans appreciate him so much. I hope he will be able to live up to all our expectations - and that he will stay alive...

Vickan said...

I am happy he voted too! I'm not sure if it was all because of me bugging him for days, or because he really was set on voting.

When he got up Tuesday morning, I asked where he was going to vote. He wasn't sure. "I was thinking I might look it up online later," he said.

Realizing he never changed his address since he moved, I told him he should probably vote where he voted four years ago. So he did.