Thursday, February 28, 2008

Removing tiles and baking cake

Today my boss told me that my weekend section, TGIF, might get cut from The Register Citizen due to lack of advertising. While nothing is certain yet, the news is a little upsetting.

When I got home, I felt I needed to do something constructive. First, I baked what Albie calls "Swedish Brownies" - i.e. kladdkaka, after Kajsamaria's recipe (in Swedish). Two days ago when I made it, I didn't turn the oven up high enough and had to cook the batter for twice as long, which resulted in a somewhat dry cake. After purchasing more cocoa and butter, I was determined to get it right today.

I've only tried two pieces so far, but it is most certainly yummy!

While I was in the kitchen, I also decided it is time for the glued-to-the-wall floor tiles to come down. We are not starting renovations in the kitchen yet, but Albie - safely at work - gave me the OK to start ripping.

It doesn't look too good, of course, but at least I felt like I did something today. All I did at work, pretty much, was watch these videos (links may lead to material that may be offensive to some people):

I'm F**ing Matt Damon

I'm F**ing Ben Affleck

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kajsamaria said...

hej! kul att du provde mitt recept, var det den med havregryn i? ikväll är det 30 års fest hos anna-karin, du kommer väl ;)