Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mostly done with the living room

While I was at work yesterday, Albie finished painting the living room. He and his dad also mounted our television on the wall. Once we decide it's not too high, we will put the speakers up as well.

I still have to put two more coats of white on the window frames, but then we'll be good to go. Well, except for the fact that I now have to color the curtains to match the room better. I'm having a hard time finding good fabric color - nobody here seems to use it very often. You know, the color you just throw into the washing machine and when the wash is done, everything comes out a different color... I'm going to try the craft store tomorrow.

Our dining room has been re-painted. We decided the first yellow was too bright and didn't go well with the green. It is now a softer shade of yellow. When we get the chair rails and molding up, I'll take some more pictures of that.

A floor consultant was here last week and we think we've picked out our new floor. The wall-to-wall dark green carpet just isn't working for us. It screems 1980s, and it is just, well... ugly. Who wants carpets everywhere anyway?

My au pair room had a pink carpet in the bathroom. A friend in England had carpets in the kitchen. I guess our place really isn't that bad.

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ankanej said...

Shysst att det börjar ta sig! Måste kännas könt kan jag tro. Jag är så less på att måla så jag håller på att avlida... Undrar om jag nånsin kommer få stället godkänt. Blä för petiga hyresvärdar som gör livet surt för en!