Sunday, February 17, 2008

Curtains are up!

Two pieces of the chair rail have been put up in the dining room, the new blinds (from IKEA) are mounted and the curtains are FINALLY up! Oh, and Albie painted the chandelier black as a last step of getting rid of the 80s brass feel that we have throughout our condo.

Don't bee too critical, now, because the curtains still need to be ironed and the chair rail still needs to be painted. Not to mention the floor we need to add instead of the ugly green rug... And, of course, a new dining room set will be placed in the center of the room instead of the kitchen table. We're also going to change the glass on the chandelier to a frosted one to give a softer look to the room. Wow! This stuff really never ends...

At least Albie and I got to have breakfast for the very first time since September in our dining room.

Everything is painted in the living room, and we've decided to continue the "green tea" color out into the hallway.

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ankanej said...

Tjusigt! Själv har jag redan hittat en ny bytespartner... Här går undan i svängarna! Du kanske inte ens hängt med på att de förra bytarna drog sig ur i sista sekunden i torsdags... Hoppas verkligen på detta nu, orkar inte leta mer!!!