Sunday, August 16, 2009

A great work environment

It’s been hot for the past few days – really hot. Like in the 90s (30-35 degrees C). At the office, our air conditioning unit in the newsroom finally gave in this week.

First, it started as a trickle right next to my desk. Then there was a flood. For three days, we had wastebaskets covering the wettest spots.

We even had to wrap my neighbor's computer, monitor and keyboard in garbage bags to prevent damage (see photo above).

If we kept the A/C on, there was a constant trickle. If we turned the A/C off, it gushed down. So we left it on. The first time the fixer guys came, they said it was a compressor or something, so they replaced it. That afternoon it got even worse.

The repairmen came back and decided we need a new unit. That's $15,000 we can't afford to spend right now, our publisher said.

We spent the weekend trying to set up big fans all over the place that could blow the cool air in from other departments. One evening I even worked in another room because I had a terrible headache and the heat made me nauseated. But at least the dripping has stopped.

Thank goodness I’m not working today – the worst days out of all of them.

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