Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day without the internet

Not having internet for a whole day is very frustrating, especially when I know I’ve got pumpkins to harvest that will go bad in a few hours. I was also supposed to post news stories to Twitter this morning for work, and send out some e-mails about an upcoming farm party. But I’m not able to do any of that, because we cannot get online.

As I sat down at my computer to try to get some writing done, I also realized that Albie has stolen my mouse. He brought it down to the basement with some other computer stuff to see if he could get the cable modem to work without using the wireless connection. So right now I’m sitting here hitting the arrow keys, the tab key and the enter key to see how much I can get done. What on earth did people do in a mouse-less society?

What did people do before the internet, for that matter? Although I remember the early days of my childhood when we didn’t have computers, I cannot imagine living without them at this point in my life.

Oh well, I guess I will have to go watch TV or something. Or maybe I’ll go hang out with some other people. Nah, that’s just too much for a Monday afternoon. Television it is.

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