Monday, June 29, 2009

In a few days

In just a few days, the surgery will be behind me and I will be back at home. I am trying to stay positive, and I'm trying to think ahead to avoid thinking about the actual surgery.

I really don't want to think about them inserting a cathether or pushing hard on my belly to find out exactly where to make the incision. I also don't want to think about the hours where I'll be waking up - freaking out, no doubt - in a hospital bed feeling nauseated and crappy.

So I think past that - to the days of joy when I get to go home, trying to make it up the dozens of stairs to my bedroom, and then relaxing in front of some CSI. And I'm gonna eat whatever crap I can that will make me feel better - chips, ice cream, cookies... you name it!


Anne Sofie said...

You'll be fine! Firstly, you'll be deep asleep when the surgeon will be doing her/his job so don't bother with that (it is not nice to think about, I agree); secondly, not everybody is struck with sickness after anaesthetic so I'll hope and pray for you being on of us who wake up feeling great (and if you feel sick, just get back into sleep for a little while and you'll feel much better next time they wake you up to check your pulse and whatever); thirdly, jump the crap food - surgery is a great chance to change one's eating habits. You will have a couple of days of less food than usually, and your body will get used to it and feel full after just a little. Stay there!

I'll be with you in my thoughts!

Vickan said...

Well, I've already spent the last 2 months eating a lot less than usual (and I lost 10 lbs!) so that I would be ready for the surgery. To make myself feel better, I am all stocked up on comfort food now for when I get home.

However, I realize that I will probably eat a lot less of it - but the trick is to just have it available, so I can eat a spoonful of ice cream here and a bit of chocolate there (Albie, however, will devulge the whole thing if I let him see we have it).