Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally - one lily!


Anne Sofie said...

Congratulations! And obviously no bugs eating the plant. Here in Sweden there are bright red bastards - sorry, but there is no other appropriate terminology to describe the creatures - that chew away on the leaves, the scarlet lily beetle.

By the way, goodlooking whiteedged hosta behind the lilies.

Vickan said...

Nah, here we just have to be careful with the deer. But I guess they mostly love the daylilies - and they probably won't come up on my patio to eat when there are other places with big yards where they can go.

The hostas were there when we moved in (didn't know it until last summer, though) - glad the tree-chopper people didn't remove those as well, or step on them or something.

BTW, I rescued last year's lilies again this morning. I heard the trimmer outside and ran out to put a chair in the way. A few seconds later, I saw through my window how a garden guy was knocking my chair over and ran out again. Then he waved and walked away to destroy someone else's yard.

Anne Sofie said...

Some people should reconsider their careers... Be glad you'll be home a lot this summer to guard your flowers :-)

I don't have a deer problem, but you are right, deer are choosy. Your lily,
Lilium bulbiferum (Brandlilja in Swedish) isn't it?, is not related to the daylilies, the Hemerocallis.