Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleeping at the office

No, I'm not talking about occasionally falling asleep in front of the computer, although that happens to me a lot, too.

Tonight, I realized I was getting really tired when I opened up files on the computer to search for a photo and read "Long jamas" (as in "pajamas"). It actually said "LoganJames." I also had to do a business tease, and typed in "Palace Aids Fireplace Poop & Spa" (instead of "Pool & Spa").

Time to get some sleep!

In fact, I am sleeping over at the office tonight. My boss used to do it all the time when she had problems at home last year. She hasn't done it much this year, but the futon is still set up with pillows and blankets available in her filing cabinet.

In an attempt to figure out how to get the most hours out of my time off, I am going to work at my other job on Sunday instead of Monday, since my bosses are out of town and I set my own schedule. This way, I will save myself an hour of driving. I will also be able to work all day Sunday, then go home and have off until Tuesday at 3 p.m., when it's time to go back to work. Usually, I work Mondays, which ruins both Sunday and Monday since I have to go to be early, etc.

Anyway, time to shut down the computer now, turn on the office A/C, run to the ladies room and change into my jammies and then tuck myself in with a promotional UConn Husky blanket and rest my head on my princess pillow - a birthday present from last year that got left at the office.

Sweeet dreams, everyone.

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