Sunday, August 10, 2008

My evening with penguins

Sometimes I actually do slow down. I'll have some dinner, watch a movie, chat with friends.

Tonight, my friend Lauren and I watched "Happy Feet." For those of you who haven't seen it, it's another penguin movie (in addition to "March of the Penguins" and "Surf's Up," although I think "Happy Feet" came out in between the other two).

Turns out, it's an animated penguin musical. There's singing and dancing throughout, and at times it was difficult to stop my feet from tapping lightly on the floor. And I'm not even a dancer.

Perhaps my favorite parts of the movie were the constant references to sex. Animal sex, of course, since the movie is made for kids. The characters only say "it's time to make eggs" or "let's go make eggs." Totally OK for a G-rated movie, apparently. But if someone were to actually say the word "sex," the movie would have to be rated R for sexual language.

My favorite romantic dialoge:
"I don't need an egg to be happy."
"But what about when all your friends have eggs?"
"Then I'll have you." (aw....)

Overall, it turned out to be a happy and cute movie, something I'll probably watch again. I mean, who wouldn't like a movie where they say things like "you did everything penguinly possible"?


ankanej said...

Jag älskade Happy Feet när jag såg den förra året. I och för sig var det den jag och Chris såg på vår andra dejt så det kanske berodde på det att jag tyckte den var kanon :) Såg även Pans labyrint samma kväll och den har jag också bara goda minnen av.

Vickan said...

Jag har inte sett Pans labyrinth ännu - den verkar lite otäck tycker jag. Fast klarar jag att se sjungande pengviner kanske jag klarar lite fantasy också.