Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Facebook status

So there's this thing on Facebook, the social networking site, where you can set your status as often as you wish (most readers are now rolling their eyes at me, but I do know people who have never been on Facebook, so bear with me...)

Anyway, it says "Viktoria is..." and then you fill in the rest. Whatever you write will be seen by everyone who is your friend on Facebook - in fact, they get a little news alert about it as soon as you update your status.

Today, I was daring and erased the "is..." so I could write "Viktoria never wants to go back to work again."

My boss, of course - one of my 127 Facebook friends - got slightly alarmed.
"You can write whatever you'd like on Facebook, of course," he said as I got to the office. "I don't mind."

But his eyes and his body language told me he was upset. And then he also said "If you don't want to be here, you should just leave."

Claiming my attitude towards work is not the same since I got back from vacation, my boss then put me in a really bad mood before he left the office.
"I don't care!" I believe was one of the last things I told him before I stormed out of his office. "Nothing is going to make me change how I feel about this place!"

A few hours later, we were back to normal. My boss even gave me permission to "unfriend" him on Facebook for more "privacy" from work people, but I'm not so sure I will.

This is just how things are, I guess, when you live your life both in cyberspace and in the real world.


John said...

I have several co-workers on facebook and it's the same sort of thing. I post stuff like "tired of working" etc... and people freak out!

I wonder if facebook can restrict status updates by groups... than you can group your work people to get less details... hmmm.

Anne Sofie said...

I might be oldfashioned, but I find it rather odd that people publish personal things about themselves on the internet without much thinking.

IRL people have many levels of privacy: family - close friends - relatives - not so close friends and so on. And these days they go all private about themselves or even about other people on the internet - and then they are surprised or even upset when the wrong people see it!

I'm sorry, but certainly a journalist should be able to identify his/her target and ajust his/her writings for it?

No, I'm not on Facebook :-)

Vickan said...

Well, it does take some thinking before you just post something "at random."

I've actually "unfriended" several people on Facebook because I only really do want to be friends with people I am actually friends with. Some have as their friends anyone they have ever met in real life.

In this case I was very aware of my boss reading my status - I just didn't think he would make it into a big deal. It is, after all, just stupid Facebook stuff and he has no right to "control" or "limit" what I say to my friends.

Albus Dumbledore said...

Wow, how bold of you to write that. Is that why you asked me if I was on Facebook the other day? I didn't even notice your status. I haven't really been doing much facebooking lately. My account has been screwy too.

Anyway, I often feel like I never want to return to work but it's usually after having a couple of days off. Then, once I get going things are normal.

But, like you, I notice things at work just don't seem as fun at work as they used to.

So I feel ya!