Friday, January 2, 2009

Back to work

After 12 days off, it is time to head back to work at the newspaper later today.

While it feels like I could do another 2-3 weeks off easily, I'm a bit excited to see what has happened at the paper since I've been gone. I've never been away for this long. From what I hear, we've hired a new freelancer and our publisher's daughter locked herself into her father's office and had to be rescued by the editor. Other than that, no real news has reached my neck of the woods.

During my time off, I sucessfully finished painting the kitchen walls in yellow (they were blue before, remember?), finished painting the inside of that one cabinet I had procrastinated to do and could finally put all my wine glasses back inside, organized our upstairs closet, had a manicure and pedicure (birthday present), went shopping for winter boots, attended 3 Christmas dinners, went to the gym 3 times, watched 4 movies and read 2 Harry Potter books.

Skiing and ice skating will just have to wait until I have another day off!

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Kristen said...

Not to mention got engaged :)