Saturday, December 6, 2008

Turning 30...

... isn't all that great. I've been wicked sick all day and spent most of the day in bed. But I have to share a present one of my friends gave me that is probably the nicest things I've ever gotten:

30 Reasons Why Viktoria Is a FANTASTIC FRIEND
(in no particular order)

1.) She will laugh with you during the good times and be there during the difficult times.
2.) She will be there to help you stay awake at night on long drives home.
3.) She will let you talk her ear off and then talk things through with you if you want until you’re satisfied with the conversation.
4.) She always know the exact right thing to say in a way that makes you understand (even if you already thought you knew it or didn’t know it).
5.) She will eat ice cream with you any time.
6.) She will also eat a bowl of cantaloupe with you. =)
7.) She will sing songs and play the guitar.
8.) She understands your late night rambling and can actually make sense of it.
9.) Don’t have to give advance notice to crash on her couch for a night or two.
10.) She understands how important CHOCOLATE is and she always has enough of it in the house (and more importantly knows you’ll replace it for her if you eat it all).
11.) She can remain completely wordless and just laugh because she understands exactly what you’re thinking when a FRIENDS reference has come up.
12.) She knows how to bend the rules just enough.
13.) She respects your space.
14.) She knows when you just need things to be quiet.
15.) She will travel whatever distance she’s able to in order to visit.
16.) She throws a great party.
17.) She celebrates with you when happy things occur and stays by your side in the not so happy times.
18.) She gives good advice.
19.) She makes great food.
20.) She makes great Rice Krispie Treats just when you need them!
21.) She is a great decorator.
22.) She puts up with any visitors (and sometimes obnoxious ones).
23.) She likes to go hiking/walking with you.
24.) She is also a great organizer!
25.) She is a good wing-man.
26.) She likes things clean.
27.) She is fun!
28.) She can help you make sense of things.
29.) She’ll go skiing with you!
30.) She knows what the word friend means.

It definitely made me feel a lot better! Plus, of course, all the great books, CDs and more that I received from friends all over the world! In a few days - when I am back to normal - I'll probably be able to enjoy them all. Thank you.

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