Saturday, December 27, 2008

Furry fur friends

I got a special gift bag from a friend at work... It had a blonde girl on the side, wearing a Santa hat. On the hat, there was a strip of white fur. All along the upper edges of the bag, it was lined with fur as well.

That same night when I got home, I noticed Pip tossing around something white. A sock? No, it was the strip of fur from the gift bag. He carried it around in his mouth, then he tossed it into the air and caught it. This continued for several hours.

Today as I was wrapping some gifts for a January party, Pip somehow managed to get into my gift supply stash, dig out "his" bag, and rip off the rest of the fur. I was in the kitchen, and Pip came walking down the stairs with a long strip of fur in his mouth, dragging behind him on the ground. He then walked around the house with the fur for an hour.

Every time I took it away from him, he would hunt it down and take it back.

I finally put the fur around his neck to see what it would look like and how he would react, and he doesn't look too upset, right? (I guess I can expect another call from PETA soon...)

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