Monday, January 14, 2008


We've made some progress with our dining room. The walls are now yellow, and all the trim is done. New curtains have been purchased but need to be ironed and I can't put them up until we've finished the crown molding at the top and the chair rail across the middle of the walls.

The yellow looks pretty dark in these photos because they were taken at night. It's a little brighter in real life, especially after our ugly wooden spindles came down. The lamp will be spray-painted black instead of brass and the door still has to be painted to match the white trim. Then there's the new floor, of course, which we haven't even picked yet, and finally, a dining room set - table, chairs and a serving table or cabinet-like thing.

In the top photo you can also see the corner of a very popular new item in our household - the cat tower.

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