Monday, January 14, 2008

New keyboard with 'Santa Lucia'

Albie's mom and aunt gave me a piano keyboard for Christmas. It is awesome, and it has all these cool songs recorded on it that you can learn how to play.

The day the Casio arrived, Albie had set it up for me in the guest room. He looked at the song selection and shouted out "Santa Lucia!"

I looked at it close up and sure enough, there it was: "No. 43 - Santa Lucia." Right between "La Paloma" and "Troika."

"Let's play it!" I said, doubting it would really be the traditional Swedish Lucia song.

Well, it was. The tempo was a little strange, but the melody was the same. I immediately started singing the Swedish words at the top of my lungs. Albie sighed and left the room.

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