Friday, October 17, 2008


I guess ya'll think I haven't recovered from that long bike ride yet, but that's not really true. I've been busy pondering redesign plans and future projects we are taking on at the paper. I'm also trying to catch up on house work, since Albie mentioned the other day he has no clean underwear left. My response was, "didn't you just buy new ones?"

That's what I do when I run out. I figure I just don't have enough, so I buy more. My goal is to always make it through at least 2 weeks without having to do any laundry. It's more difficult with two people, but hopefully it will all work out.

For those of you in Sweden, those who read Nerikes Allehanda in particular, I should spill the beans on another plan: I will be writing columns about the presidential election starting at the end of October. Actually, I am writing some of them ahead of time, because election week will be crazy at work, but they will appear around Nov. 4. I think we've settled on 9 columns in total, so watch for that! (If someone could save me a copy as well that would be really nice - not sure my grandmother will read them all).


Hopp i form Maria! said...

Va kul! Har inte Allehanda själv så föräldrarna får spara sina.

Kristen said...

Wow, I just realized you used the word "y'all." I'm so proud.