Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Some of my past outfits. I'm not dressing up at all this year.


Anne Sofie said...

I only recognised you as Miss Kansas! You look authentic and very pretty as a beauty.

Here in Sweden we woke up to winter this morning, with heavy snowing, so it is more like Christmas than Hallowe'en.

We are eagerly reading your columns. My favourite so far is the one where you question your boss' choice to go Republican; it is perfect in all aspects: subject, style and rhetoric.

I do hope Obama wins - Mrs. Palin wouldn't be good for the world and the risk is imminent. During the run up for the 2004 U.S. presidental election I heard someone on a Swedish radio station saying that everybody in the world should have the right to vote for the American President, as we are all affected by the person residing in the White House.
If we were all voters I'm sure we wouldn't have had Mr. Bush Jr - at least not twice.

Vickan said...

You are right - the world would be a very different place if everyone got to vote for the U.S. President. There is no way those few, uneducated, crazy conservatives would always get their way just because of the messed up electoral college.