Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kittens and Christmas trees don't match

Every day I find Christmas ornaments in different places throughout our house. The red ones end up in corners in our living room; the blue ones end up in our basement.

Albie and I patiently put them back on the tree and tell our kitties "Don't touch!"

We've even learned to recognize the sound of the ornament makes against the tree so we know when an attempted theft is in progress.

Yesterday I was cooking and heard the ornaments shake against the fake tree branches. I stormed into the living room yelling "GET OFF THE TREE!!!" A quick stop by the table and I had the spray bottle in hand, looking eagerly at the base of the tree to see whom I should direct it at.

Pip is sitting a foot or two away from the tree looking up, not close enough to touch anything. I look in the back corner, I look under the tree. "Where's Sophie?" I ask Pip and he just keeps looking up.

I finally look up. There, on the top branches, is a little kitten - neatly tucked in behind a string of lights. She was rescued immediately, but didn't seem too thrilled about it. This morning, I found her perched up on the same branch - purring, and almost asleep.

The whole incident reminded me of a few years ago at the farm. Some of you may have seen this:

Albie had to rescue Sprout from the tree after she climbed too high - behind lights and strings of popcorn - to reach the candy canes. I thought it mean we must avoid candy canes. Apparently, it means we must avoid Christmas altogether when we have cats.

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Sandra said...

Hej Vickan! Kul att läsa om vad du har för dig...Låter som du trivs med katter och hus, härligt!

Jag är nu i Thailand och ska till sverige den 26:e för att vara hemma i 10 dagar, vilket ska bli underbart.

Ha det super och hälsa de jag känner.