Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Live from Sweden

I'm sitting here in a little yellow house on the countryside in Sweden after four very stressful days of visiting relatives and shopping at Kopparbergsmarken - a local annual fair and market in the tiny town where I grew up.

Sleeping has been a bit of a problem since getting here. I'm not really sure why, but I seem to do it every other night, and the nights in between I only sleep three hours or so.

I had my interview at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm yesterday, while my dad took Albie to Kaknästornet, one of the highest buildings in Stockholm that is also a communications tower. The interview, which I had been very nervous about, went something like this:

"Please put your left hand on the fingerprint machine."
"Please put your right hand on the fingerprint machine."
"Please put your thumbs on the fingerprint machine."
"Please do it again, they did not show up."
"Here are your papers back. We will mail your passport to you, probably send it out tomorrow. You will have it in less than five days."
"Can I stay and wait for it?"
"No. Have a nice trip."

So the goal is to do some more shopping and clean out my storage room I have here in Örebro before we leave on Friday. Then it's back to our new condo to start getting organized!

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