Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from Sweden

So, Sweden was good. It was a bit busy, though, visiting all the relatives I could think of in a very short amount of time. Plus, I had to reserve a day for Stockholm to get a new visa. But my dad was nice enough to drive us there, to entertain Albie at Kaknästornet (the tallest point in Stockholm), and to take us to Max (a hamburger restaurant) for lunch.

Both my grandmothers were thrilled to meet Albie. Although neither speaks a lot of English, they both made themselves understood with him, and he with them.

To the left is my maternal grandmother, Lisa, and to the right is my paternal grandmother, Frances, and her friend Franz. (The two photos were taken the same day. I was NOT wearing the same clothes every day of the trip).

Cleaning out my storage room was a big part of the trip. I've had stuff stored for nine years, and one of my friends has had to pay for it. Now she and I decided to combine our storage materials and downsize our needs. It was sentimental, and it took an entire day. Here's some stuff that I got rid of:

And here's some stuff there's no way I can part from:

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