Friday, June 1, 2007


I came to the United States in August 1998 as an au pair. It was only meant to be for a year. Then I started going to college. When I graduated with an associate's degree from a community college, I decided I might as well go for a bachelor's degree. It was easy and fun.

Nine years later, I am still here - with a full-time job, an American boyfriend and a master's degree.

This will be my blog about all the strange things I've encountered over the years. It will be about living in a foreign country, learning a new language, and trying to start a new life. It will also be about what is left behind, and how to maintain a Swedish identity in a crazy new world.


ankanej said...

Hej! Välkommen till bloggarnas underbara värld :) Ska bli roligt att läsa det du har att berätta!

kram så länge, ak

Iris / Yogi said...

Hi Viktoria,

Wow, we met 9 years ago!!! 9 years!
I went back home to Germany though but just like you I added a few years, only two in my case, on to my year as an AuPair.
I still remember us hanging out in 1998.
I hope to see you soon one day.

Take good care in the U.S.,
I wish you all the luck.

All the best,
Iris (also known as Yogi ;-)