Sunday, May 1, 2011

And the deck plans start happening...

Transporting wood home from the store to start making the deck extension.

Our grill got a new home, in what used to be my wildflower garden. Well, at least it's off of the deck part, giving us more space to move around! More rocks will come, and some flowers to cover the ugly cinder blocks, but first we are getting a new grill!

I was experimenting with the cinder blocks to see if I could get them as high as the regular deck, but it wasn't really working. Will have to work out another removable foundation.

And here's the frame of the deck extension. Complete with metal corners and all! (but you can't see those in the picture)

And thanks to IKEA, we have covered our ugly existing concrete patio in some fancy (removable) wood decking. Now we just need some new outdoor furniture!

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