Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthdays galore

I feel like my new job should be to host birthday parties. Or to be involved with them in one way or another.

At work, we've started a Birthday Planning Committee (you fans of "The Office" will know exactly what I'm talking about). Every time it's someone's birthday, we plan a theme and we make that person feel really special.

It really started with a very low attendance at our Christmas party. This inspired us all to plan better and make everyone's day feel special so they would want to help out for all the other birthdays.

In January, we had a Twilight party with vampire cupcakes, bloody drinks and blood-smeared popcorn. February's theme was Polish, since two people in our office both had birthdays close to each other and they are both from Poland. A designer brought in pierogies and we ordered a cake with the Polish flag on it.

For March, we had to keep it simple since everyone was stressed out and I was going out of town the two days before the party. We decorated everything in green in honor of St. Patrick's Day, and I brought in my blender and made non-alcoholic apple martini slushies. Another co-worker baked a green cake.

We won't have another work-related party now until June (unfortunately our boss who got laid off would have been the next one on the list). However, I had a 30th birthday party to attend for a friend today, tomorrow there's a bridal show er for another friend, and in 2 weeks Albie is turning 30. Lots more planning to do!

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