Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's speech to students

President Barack Obama on Tuesday spoke to school-age children across the nation. His speech was about encouraging kids to work hard and to stay in school.

But for some reason, it all turned political - not the speech, just the reactions to it. Parents were in an uproar over the president trying to instill Communist propaganda, and some school districts chose not to show the speech at all. Others made the speech available afterward, or came up with alternative activities for the children whose parents wouldn't let them see it.

Perhaps it hasn't been understood in the rest of the world, but America is being very tough on its new president. Of course, Obama entered office at a very tough time - thousands of soldiers shipped off to various countries, the U.S. dollar is worth less than it ever has and people are losing their homes and jobs on a daily basis. The mood is negative, pessimistic. The hope the new president instilled during his election campaign seems to have fizzled out amongst the people.

Of course, Republicans have always been loud-mouths. Perhaps they are just bored. They constantly complain that Obama hasn't produced any miracles yet - some even call for his removal from office, and he hasn't even served for a year!

To me, the best part about Obama is that even though he is a Democrat, he is willing to see things from all angles. During a graduation speech in May or June, he brought up the topic of abortion. This was at a Catholic school, and some were very scared of what he would say. His thought? People can be for it or against it, but there are ways we can all come together to help make sure nobody has to make that decision in the first place. Nobody really WANTS to have an abortion, so let's get to the bottom of the problem instead of arguing over the Band-Aid solution.

It amazes me that parents could be so stupid that they actually keep their kids out of school because they think the president may brainwash them with his words. The good news, though, is that at least their kids may actually listen. That's at least something.

But I hate to think of the brainwashing that goes on in those children's homes.

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