Monday, July 9, 2007

Finally getting the jokes

When I was in school at Virginska - post-high school but pre-university - we often got to do fun things in our English class. I was in a group of four people; it was me and my three best friends.

One time we put on a 15-minute skit made up of jokes or phrases from popular English, Australian or American sitcoms or movies. We worked on it for weeks. Back then, I was not watching a lot of television because I grew up without cable TV or a VCR, and I remember feeling a bit left out at times.

While I could laugh at the "I'll be back" reference from "The Terminator," I didn't quite get the "cereal killer" joke we included. It left me feeling embarrased - to embarrased to say anything.
(In case anyone else isn't getting it, "serial killer" is the real spelling, and "cereal" is what you eat for breakfast with milk)

I don't know exactly what made me think of this now - 11 years later. But spending nine years in the United States has definitely helped me catch up on the American English language and slang. I still don't watch a lot of TV, but at least I understand the jokes now when I do.


Sara i Malmö said...

Hej tjejen, såg ditt mail men har haft strul så jag kunde inte maila tillbaka. Tack för stödet! Vet inte varför du inte kunde skriva inlägg på bloggen, prova gärna igen så får jag klaga om det inte fungerar. Kul att Sverige besöket blir av. Kramar i massor från Sara

Sara i Malmö said...

by the way, lite fler bilder efterlyses...